Philosophy and Sustainability

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Respect for nature is an act of wisdom and gratitude towards the generous resources it provides us.

Respect for nature is an act of wisdom and gratitude towards the generous resources it provides us.

We have a moral duty to preserve them for future generations. That’s why we firmly believe in the principles of environmental sustainability, circularity, and the social generativity of businesses.

Inside our agritourism, we have created an oasis of peace in complete harmony with the surrounding environment, nestled in the heart of Sicily. We value local resources and strive to maintain a perfect balance between humans and nature. The entire agritourism is powered by a 125kWp photovoltaic system, which generates electric energy surpassing our current needs. Judeka Agriresort stands as one of the best eco-friendly resorts you can find in Sicily.

Our philosophy is based on “circularity.” Wastewater from the winery, kitchen, and rooms is treated through two artificial phytodepuration ponds—a natural purification system where inhabitants like fish, reeds, and water lilies purify the water before it flows downstream to irrigate our vineyards. Our Reverse Osmosis purification system ensures that groundwater extracted from wells is free from any harmful additives, making it suitable for winemaking processes and domestic use.

Additionally, the chicken coop, housing 40 hens, plays a significant role in our facility. Part of the hen’s manure is used as fertilizer for our garden. The chicken coop’s structure features home automation shutters, balancing light, temperature, and space to improve the well-being of our hens.

In our Passo 65 restaurant, we have installed a small and innovative biodigester. It converts kitchen and garden waste into biogas, which powers the restaurant’s cooking stove.

Furthermore, our entire agritourism is powered by green energy from renewable sources. These sustainable practices demonstrate Agriresort Judeka’s commitment to waste reduction and greater energy efficiency, while also promoting and sharing an eco-friendly philosophy of life with our guests.

Our farmhouse, recognized as one of the best resorts in Sicily for sustainability, goes beyond “KM 0.” All the raw materials used in our kitchen come directly from the garden, vineyards, orchards, and other surrounding trees, located just 65 steps away from the restaurant. For what cannot be cultivated or produced on-site, we source from local farmers and producers, promoting the social generativity of businesses. This allows us to create a positive impact through our activities, generating employment, supporting the local agricultural sector, and fostering environmental awareness among our guests and the community.

Another important project, nearing completion, is the implementation of an agrifotovoltaic system, combining agricultural cultivation with electricity production from photovoltaic sources. The panels are mounted 2.5 meters above the vineyards, showcasing our ongoing commitment to sustainable practices and innovation.

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