Chef for a day

Be enchanted by peasant stories and professional cooking techniques.
The Judeka agriresort offers you the unique opportunity to participate in engaging cooking classes, through the Passo 65 restaurant, providing an exciting and interactive experience.

Passo 65 Restaurant takes its name from the distance in steps that separates it from thegarden outside, where we grow organic seasonal produce and wild aromatic herbs that grow wild, such as borage, fennel, and amareddi. You will be accompanied by the 'agrichef in the garden to harvest fresh vegetables and turn them into delicious dishes.

The goal of these cooking classes is to learn how to cook genuine old-fashioned dishes, savoring the moment of preparation itself, and assimilating the importance of choosing organic, wholesome and step 0 raw materials. We want you to rediscover theessence of fresh food, the child of slow, artisanal production, in stark contrast to the gastronomic standards that the capitalist economy imposes on us.

Our cooking classes will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the art of peasant cooking.

orecchiette restaurant step 65

Guided by an experienced agrichef, you will learn how to select the best raw materials, starting with the harvest from the organic garden and wild herbs in the open countryside, thus preparing simple traditional country dishes and presenting them with the sophistication andelegance typical of our Passo 65 restaurant. The cooking classes are a unique time to reflect on the importance of slow, sustainable cooking that promotes circularity, avoids waste and cares about nature . You will learn to connect with the slow rhythms of nature, appreciate local ingredients and prefer those that are zero kilometer, or rather 0 step, rediscovering the cuisine of the farming world and immersing yourself in the emotions that only authentic cuisine can offer you.

Our cooking classes are a true celebration of wholesome food, nature and tradition that will make an indelible imprint on your soul.

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