Chef for a day

chef for a day

The "Chef for a Day" experience offered by Judeka agriresort is a unique opportunity that will allow you to immerse yourself in the exciting culinary world and experience the thrill of becoming a chef for a day in our agriresort restaurant for an unforgettable day.

During this adventure, you will take on the role of a chef and be guided and assisted by our experienced professional agrichef and talented kitchen staff, who are ready to help you every step of the way.

The day will begin with a charge of excitement and anticipation as you approach the kitchen, ready to take on culinary challenges and explore the secrets of traditional Sicilian cuisine.
You will find yourself surrounded by fresh organic raw materials, which you will select and harvest directly from the agriresort garden, just 65 steps away from the kitchen. This marriage of tradition and sustainability creates a unique environment in which to express your creative flair.

You will face several challenges in preparing lunch or dinner for diners, who will be carefully selected by you, providing a list of people before service begins.
You will come to terms with the fast pace that a restaurant imposes and work alongside the kitchen staff of Passo 65, always under the careful supervision of the agichef.
Your passion for cooking and enthusiasm for creating delicious dishes will drive you to overcome any obstacle.

The kitchen then becomes a laboratory of experimentation, where you will learn how to wisely select and combine harvested raw materials, play with textures and enhance authentic flavors.
The tension will become palpable, but the collaboration with our agrichef and the support of the kitchen staff will make the experience decidedly rewarding.

step 65 restaurant

As the final tasting time approaches, the excitement will reach its peak.
You will observe your dishes carefully arranged on the restaurant's elegant tables, ready to delight your diners.
It is a moment of pride and satisfaction, which will give you the knowledge that you have created something unique and unforgettable, but most of all well appreciated by your diners.

The "Chef for a Day" experience at the Judeka agriresort is a dive into the world of professional cooking: it will give you a taste of the excitement and challenges that chefs face on a daily basis.

It is a way to learn how to use the products that nature offers us in a conscientious way, following the natural rhythms of nature and its seasonality, taking advantage of only seasonal fruits and vegetables, and learning to prefer raw materials that come from the garden and from local producers, to promote the values of the social generativity of businesses, one of the key elements on which the entire philosophy of the Judeka agriresort rests. Only in this way will you be able to get in perfect harmony with nature.

It is an extraordinary opportunity to learn, grow and experience a culinary adventure that will leave a lasting impression on your memory.

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